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Monday, February 20, 2012

Come meet Alex!

We accidently met Alex. My boyfriend sat next to him in the library and saw his comic sketchbook (he was taking a little nap). So they chatted and we hung out. How very interesting to meet Alex and his girlfriend Iris. He is a cartoonist from Barcelona and she - a Taiwanese girl who grew up in Brazil - is currently working for an ngo as well as drawing comics. They live in Maputo for the time being. Yes Maputo. Have they been to South Africa? Yes to Nelspruit - How unuasual!

Alex's work is really awesome. He is busy working on a book - so we were so fortunate to see the originals that he is working on. He would first plan out all the frames of the story in a seperate book and would then start penciling or sometimes go straight to ink. He captures all the essential elements with his simplified drawings and potrays powerful emotion with great use of composition and line. We also went to the Lin family garden together for some drawing and I loved how Alex draws from life in his simplified comic style.

You can view his work here - I love his very perceptual insights into Taiwan as well as Iris's work here