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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Backpacking sketchbook 8: Final stop - Tong Sai

We were so thankful that our last destination ticked all the boxes after a lot of unexpected turns in our holiday. Tong Sai is mainly a rock climber hangout - with its surrounding cliffs it's paradise for those who climb them. We don't, but we enjoyed the vibe. There was a great community atmosphere as well as the spirit of people caring for their surrounding environment. The local people seemed happy too - which was the first time we felt that in Thailand.

We got a lovely wooden bungalow surrounded by beautiful nature and we chilled out. Swimming and reading on the beach, picking up really pretty shells, hanging out on the deck/restaurant/bar with fellow travelers and I was super happy to find a restaurant that stocked some English comics - some good ol' Calvin and Hobbs and others - they lend them to me like a library and I was super happy to disappear inside them for a few days.

We left Ton Sai with a good feeling, rested and happy to return to our little place in Taiwan, looking forward to the efficiency, safety and the routine in our lives as well as new projects and old friends.