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Friday, June 8, 2012

Scootering and sketching in and around Taipei.

One of the wonderful things about Tapei is getting out of Taipei! Not far from where we live - between Tucheng and Sanxia - there are wonderful mountains covered in jungle that's a joy too explore by scooter. So of we went with Alex (my awesome new cartoonist friend from snotm). It was great to explore little windy roads, old cemetries, new leaves coming to life and just generally hanging out in the cool darkness of the jungle. We treated ourselves on the way back with a delicious meal at an old school Japanese restaurant in Sanxia. Yum! Salad with lobster and apsaragus, tempura taro and aubergine, barbequed fish, salmon fried rice and plenty more!

Later in the week Alex and I hung out at Taipei Main Station - practising quick gestural drawing and also at Revolver for a life drawing session which I haven't done in ages. All of it was pretty awesome.