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Friday, February 1, 2013

Howzit Hong Kong

We only had a short time to spend in Hong Kong - but it was wonderful! The one thing that struck me about Hong Kong was the charm, it felt like a sigh of welcome relief. Traveling with a ferry to view the skyline from Kowloon the boat's old wooden benches with old school buoys and machinery makes you feel at ease and slightly nostalgic about times gone by. I looooved going round on the old trams too - creaking round the city, so full of retro colours, wooden finishes and signs.

The skyskrapers are impressive - mostly apartment buildings scattered all around. Our lovely friend who accomodated us in her tiny apartment told us that if all the people living in Hong Kong would go down to the ground level there won't be space for everyone. Quite a strange concept coming from the vast open spaces in South Africa. One thing you can most defintely get great excercise in is perspective drawing! There are plenty of vanishing points for you to figure out. I have decided to focus more on travel illustration and this Hong Kong drawing is a kick off for some more to come. Any travel editors out there - watch this space!

If you are a tea lover - this is definitely the place to be! I was super excited to discover teashops with a vast selction of tea and teaware. I hope to go back sometime soon with loads of tea money in my pocket...

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A little bit crooked

I'm currently exhibiting some work as part of a group exhibition in Tainan. We're exhibiting in an old Japanese heritage building - a beautiful place. You have to remove your shoes before you go upstairs and the floorboards are all creaky. All the work looked great - I was happy to be part of the team, with artists from Australia, Japan and Taiwan.
Apart from my known pen and ink work I also explored with some collage - lots of  textures and little bits of weird paper and scraps to build a multi layered image representing a mere glimpse of life in Taiwan.
We had a great time hanging out in Tainan afterwards. So nice to spend some time with fellow artists. Thanks to everybody for all the effort involved. Thanks to De Waal for dealing with me when under pressure.. and thanks to my friends who specially travelled with me down to Tainan for the opening :)