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Monday, September 6, 2010

Goodbye Cape Town studio

Hello and welcome to my blog!
I'm starting off with a tribute to my studio I've left behind in Cape Town - or more like packed up and dismantled - as I'm making my way towards Taipei.
We're (my boyfriend and I) traveling to teach, draw, get inspired and explore the East in the year or so to come.

Well first to the things I love which (some of) is left behind:
  1. Illustrated poster of Andrew Rae - I've had it up on different walls in different places close to me for the past 4 years.
  2. Lights I bought in Camden Town ( they were inspired by a previous trip to Laos ).
  3. Ikea sketch figure ( I've used it once ).
  4. My favourite little plant - it's planted inside an Neil's Yard remedies glass pot and it looks like huge ticks stacked on top of each other.
  5. My latest self portrait.
  6. Radio / CD player from Muji - I love it.
  7. "Two savanna bottles and an avocado" a drawing done by my nephew, Gianni - he was 8 at the time.
  8. Drawing by my niece Liya she was 6 at the time - it's depressed little walking bird - we've since recognised that walk in people in different situations.
  9. Inherited from my grandad - I keep all my art materials in there.
  10. Illustration on a cork tile done by kronk. I bought it at rocking the daisies.
  11. My most treasured drawing pen and sketchbook. I use a rotring pen with a .35 nib and carry it around with me wherever I go. I often get pen paranoia and start scratching around scared that I've lost it ( It has happened ).
  12. A miffy bag for my stationary - I bought it at a cute shop in Notting Hill.
  13. I inherited this pencil sharpener from my grandad. It's super cool!
  14. Another piece from my grandad - an old school magazine rack.
  15. The vital scanner.
  16. Old dairy belle milk bottle - I have two, a friend gave them to me ( :) thanks!)
  17. A Japanese doll that belonged to my gran.
  18. A few books by Oliver Jeffers he's my total favourite at the moment.
  19. An album cover my Nouvelle Vaque with drawings by Julie Verhoeven and great use of a spot varnish (kudos Johnny).
  20. One of many photo's and illustrations sent regularly to me by a friend in Iceland.


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