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Monday, October 4, 2010

Wow! Macau!

So we took a little forced trip to Macau for a visa run. What a weird place - and HOT - it was sweltering!
HUGE Casino's everywhere with crazy lights and very modern architecture (some terribly kitch) The weird contrast about it all is once you go inside the casino's it is so B O R I N G.
The Chinese people don't drink - so everyone sips tea while playing the same card game - everywhere. It's very serious.
No music - no dancing - no crazziness and no laughing. You definetly wouldn't have foundd Hunter S Thompson here. But if you dis he defintelywouldn't have blend in, ha. Luckily there where delicious egg tarts! Something the Portugese left behind - Lovely savoury/sweet crumbly pastry with an dark yellow custard type filling, mmmmmm!
We spend a lot of time on foot exploring - stopping for some beer, eggtarts and drawing at the delightful Magaret's Cafe.
Something terrible here: Abalone restaurants - I'm pretty sure some of our SA poached abalone and rhino horn end up here - there's lots of shops with disgusting dried things (???) where I'm sure you'll find some rhino horn too x-( .
I also came across something else to eat... mmmm glove fish!


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