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Monday, January 10, 2011

My dad is the coolest.

I love my dad's photo's. His compositions is always perfectly planned. The top picture was taken in their garden in Kitwe, Zambia in the 70's. The original is crisp clear in focus and on slide film. You might think that some of the elements is accidentally there - oh no - not my dad - I'm sure the whole picture was planned around the blossoming roses in the background, the kruiwa braai placed exactly between the white and red rose bushes. The ridiculously cool outdoor chairs placed with repetition - one of them cropping out of the picture plane. My mom and sister placed with a bit of space between them that they are both clearly visible, perfecting the colour highlights - and then my dad - running back to his spot as the timer count down - to complete this perfect picture with his presence and kapoen shirt. Hehe. I love it. The other pics are golden oldies too - and jip that's me right in the front with our yellow and purple outfits at Gold Reef City.

My sister discovered some of my dad's notebooks that he did at some point - he used to work as an electrician on the mines in Zambia. If there was a job available as an illustrator I'm sure that would've been better suited! How beautiful are these pages!
He even signed the one page (like a true artist). Now I know for sure where my love for illustration comes from. Dankie pa, ek love pa! xx