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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Oolong in Kaohsiung

(pronounced gao-shong)

On our first day of holiday we accidentally stumbled upon this wonderful tea house. We were actually hungry and looking for a restaurant but couldn't resist having some Oolong served traditional style. A little pot of coals and a kettle with hot water is placed next to the host of the group as well as a tea tray with cups and tea pots and all the utensils needed. The Oolong tea leaves are rolled up and dried and then slowly opens up while soaking in the hot water.

The place was so pretty and oozed character - a no shoe policy combined with low seated areas with wooden partitions was overlooking the sea and was decorated with driftwood, old paintings and Chinese knickknacks. A beautiful aboriginal lady prepared and served the tea and snacks - her son was busy with the fire, he looked, well, modern, as if he came from the city and was visiting for Chinese New Year. Her husband was somewhere in the background having had one too many of something other than tea. Something about it was magical.

The tea, the company and the view was great - but I was so fascinated with the look and feel of the place I barely had a chance to soak up the tea and the whole ceremony behind it. Hopefully next time*!

*As well as more drawings! (PS: The teabag in the sketchbook was from The National Palace museum not the Oolong tea house - they would loose face!)


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