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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Ting pu tong in Qiazhong

(I don't understand in Qiazhong)

One of the reasons why I love living in the area that we do is fresh shopping. We live in Qiazhong in Banqiao - it's a bit of a ghetto area - not as in dodgy - the Taiwanese don't really do dodgy. It's just old school and not very developed. So on a morning like today when there is a hint of sunshine in the sky I jump on the scooter and drive to the 7 eleven. It's a hundred meters from my house - but hey - I'm doing this Taiwanese style. So at the 7 eleven I fax my late internet payment, put money on my travelcard, put money on my phone and get a cappuccino.

I drive to the little market ( in a few seconds ) and there I buy fresh veg. Mmm what do I fancy today definitely some beansprouts. We need lettuce, an onion - oo oyster mushrooms yes please, a carrot and some tofu - soft tofu today please. That will be ebai san - 130 NT - R32 not bad. Then I stop next to the chicken and other knick knacks lady for 6 eggs - R8. I drive around the block - o jay, a nice a new drink station opened - they sell the best drinks here - from ginger and sweet potato milk tea to fresh granadilla juice with little jelly blobs inside.. next time.

I stop at my favorite omie for some garlic, coriander and some friendly exchanges that we both try to understand. Just one more stop for bread at the family mart - they have the darkest bread - well it wishes it was brown - it has a slight brown tinge to it - so we go there specially. That's it - ready to make some noodles - I bought some freshly made noodles before - no dry noodles - and we don't even say the word 'instant' in Qiazhong thank you very much. I zip home hoping that the internet is reconnected so that I can enjoy my coffee (that's currently hanging in a little bag on my scooter) in front of my favorite blogs.


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