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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Backpacking sketchbook 7: Thailand.

Arriving at Phi Phi Island I immediatly wanted to turn around and go straight back to Laos. We got off the ferry and the walkway led us straight into the crowded town centre that could've been anywhere: It was covered in dive shops filled with working foreigners, very similar looking bars, westernised restaurants and LOADS of tourists wearing the same t-shirts. The rooms were smaller crummier and more expensive and Luang Prabang's beautiful wooden rooms seemed like a dream. After a lot of walking and exploring we did however find a nice little bungalow next to a mosque and a soccer field (lawns are amazing when you live in Taiwan) and we happily settled in.

We were very excited to meet up with some friends from home who had all flown there for a holiday and a wedding. We all went on a day cruise on a yacht - snorkeling, swimming and enjoying the wonders that Thailand's sea has to offer. We had a look and a swim at "The Beach" and enjoyed the company of fellow wedding party quests hanging around in Phi Phi for a few days after which we moved to Railay Bay.

Railay Bay is mostly a resorty stop over with not much local flavour but with a beautiful beach and an ideal wedding setting. Our friends got married late one afternoon and it was great to attend such a special event. The food was wonderful - the company was great, the margeritas went down smoothly and the tequila took care of the entertainment. Unfortunately my boyfriend had a fever I had some weird insane allergy so that dampened our party spirits a little. Such is travelling.

We bid farewell to all the the friends from home - most were suffering by that time too.. and we moved on to our last destination of the trip.


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