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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Scary Gods.

First we heard the music. It sounded like all the worst soul wrenching sounds in the world combined into one LOUD trumpet. Terrible.
Then we saw the succession. It was really weird. Little lighted trucks carrying huge signs with elaborate embroidering on, kids with
drums, hopping altars with little dolls on, dragons and the huge scary puppets representing the Gods - amongst others.
It was a Taoist ceremony and the reason could've been one of many: It was a special day on their calender and they were pleasing
the Gods (who apparently love the worst music in the world) They were moving the Gods from one temple to another - or some
political candidate rented them to bring good luck with the upcoming election (another story in itself). What makes it even more strange
is the fact that you are such an outsider - you can't ask anyone what is going on? - why why why? - and when it's over and you talk to
someone that you can ask - they won't necessarily know all the detail. There are so many people in this city that one weird festival
can be one of any Taoist sect with their own dogma and hardcore beliefs. It fascinates me to see how people develop an idea over
centuries to find their religion and set of beliefs around it - and the end result is often HUH!?


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