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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The reason.

So if my blogging updates seems to be a bit slow at times... here is the reason why - my kindergarden class - I love every one of them - but they suck up my energy like a thirsty vacuum cleaner, so let me introduce them to you:

Ian is a funny little boy, quiet most times - but then sometimes he gets a little naughty grin and tell me things like "teacher Roro you're fat" - and then runs away. Eva is a very sweet girl - a bit of a pretty tomboy and very much loved by the rest of her classmates. Shelley is a very emotional little girl - she will be happy, she'll cry, and be seriously angry every day...oo I wonder what her teenage years will be like. Iris is a sweet little girl who loves to draw rabbits and hearts - she wears such cute clothes some days. Andrew is a touchy feely boy - he always kiss the girls and tells me who he wants to marry (last week it was Eva). Donald is a good kid - he's mom is a teacher so he's pretty good - he gets alot of nosebleeds. Ethan makes me laugh - he's really chilled out and funny, I'd totally be his friend.

Joanne is a quiet girl - but likes to come sit close to me some days - very sweet. Jolin is Iris's best friend - also very girly - but pretty shy and soft spoken - she really likes to draw and I really like that. If someone is in a boyband someday it'll be Robert, he likes to sing and do the moves - and he has the looks too. He's good at drawing too and at the moment draws police officers everyday.

Steven is a clever boy - he's creative and draws interesting pictures, he's very cool at the moment and I have to tell him to pack his sunglasses away quite often. Tiger's grandma knits really nice cardigans - he said I was too big unfortunately she can't knit me one. Justin was thrown with a water bottle by the previous teacher..who's no longer there..shame, he's a happy bouncy little boy. Shawn and I are working on our relationship. Eric is a little star - he's just great in class, and lastly there is Wilson - phew too tired - gotta go..


Ragnar said...

enjoyable reading... Ek think Donald could be André (lots of nosebleeds) and Ethan looks like Jaco.

Cool drawings xxx

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